Claims Adjusters: Must have humor, detective skills and a good imagination

Claims Adjusters must have detective skills

Most people have no idea what a claims adjuster’s job entails.

What does this mean for those considering a career as an adjuster?
Would it be a right fit?
What do claims adjusters even do on a typical day?

Wikipedia reports the claims adjuster will: ‘investigate insurance claims by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, consulting police and hospital records, and inspecting property damage to determine the extent of the company’s liability’. That sounds really complicated. How would an adjuster manage to keep the details straight? Talking to claimants and witnesses? Wow – sounds like a police investigator’s duties. Examining property damage? That would be like a mechanic or construction worker’s job.

Reviewing medical records? Sounds like a doctor’s responsibilities. Finally, denying the claim or getting the claim paid out like a judge and jury? Wow! Then, what if the claims start piling up? Claimants blame everything from Voodoo to the pole that jumped out of nowhere for their incidents, all which may make for a humorous day. Every excuse imaginable comes up to ward off having to pay for the damage out of pocket. Determining if a payout should be granted can get a little fuzzy amidst all the clutter of truth and imagination.

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TSign up for Insurance Job Alerts from TheBestIRS to be notified of new openings near you.hus, humor is necessary to get through the day. Realizing that most people are serious in their claims can make your job amusing but difficult. Digging down to get the real story can take perseverance and detective skills. If you think you could deal with a few laughs while you spend time uncovering great mysteries, then a career change could be in your future.

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