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Updating your resume? Take this smart step.

When searching for a new insurance job, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile.

Is 2016 the year you’ll switch insurance jobs? Have you been updating your resume and working on new certifications? If so, your efforts will result in attention from hiring managers and recruiters. However, as you begin applying for your next insurance career,… Read More

What to Consider Before Moving to a New Insurance Job

What to consider before moving to a new insurance job.

Quitting. Getting fired. Either of these scenarios can occur before you’ve properly thought through the consequences of leaving your insurance job. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed how things can backfire – for friends and colleagues. For those who don’t think their plan through, there can… Read More

Find out 10 things to leave off your Resume from TheBestIRS Insurance Recruiters

10 things to leave off your Resume.

Our insurance recruiters have seen a lot resumes. Resumes that are too wordy, too short, too long, ones with too much information and ones that include irrelevant information. When I’m reading through them, the only thing I can focus on is: ‘Who’s… Read More