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What Is Your Most Recent Satisfaction Score for Your Permanent & Temporary Placed Talent?

What is your most recent satisfaction score?

‘A happy employee is a productive employee.’ Did you know: when employees feel valued they make customers happy and then they are more likely to remain loyal to their employers? Nowadays, employee retention is on every HR’s ‘to-do list,’ and it should… Read More

How do you measure your client satisfaction and what is your most recent satisfaction score?

How do you measure client satisfaction?

When it comes to making a purchase, sometimes it’s the cold, hard facts that eventually sway us. A company can sell you on their products until they are blue in the face but you’ll still be unconvinced. I experienced this just recently… Read More

What are your Expectations of me in this Partnership?

What are your expectations of me in this partnership?

This is part five of answering Inavero’s seven questions on how to hire the right staffing and recruiting firm. When you hire an insurance staffing company, you’re hiring a partner you can rely on. You want to know that when you need a… Read More