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What to Expect When Working with an Insurance Recruiter

Working with an Insurance Recruiter

I once heard an insurance recruiter from TheBestIRS tell a candidate: ‘Imagine I’m the agent and you’re the athlete.’ Knowing exactly what your ‘agent’ or insurance recruiter does, can really help during your job searching process. Here are some ‘relationship tips’ to ensure that… Read More

The Search is Over® for Your next Insurance job

The Search is Over for your insurance job!

The Search is Over® for Your Next Insurance Job Seeking your next insurance job? If so, TheBestIRS is your answer. New clients for us means a continual surplus of assignments for our talent. So, if you’re currently in the insurance industry, find… Read More

Shed the guilt about talking to Insurance Recruiters

Shed the guilt when talking to an insurance recruiter.

“I feel guilty looking for other jobs because I’m happy in my current role.” If this sounds like you then you’re exactly the type of person our insurance recruiters want to talk to. Why do our recruiters want to talk to candidates… Read More